5 Essential Senior Services Offered For FREE

We work with a lot of senior clients, and over the years, our team has identified 5 areas where seniors could use a little help with day to day tasks. The services offered by our team are intended to keep seniors healthy, happy, and living in their homes for a long time!  Check out these great free services offered by the John Stallings Team at Keller Williams Realty…

Change Light Bulbs-when your next light bulb needs to be changed, simply contact us and we’ll be by within 24 hours to replace your light bulb with a FREE, energy saving, CFL bulb!

Change Batteries on Smoke Detectors-it’s recommended you do this twice a year, and on the mainland, they typically do it when most of the US goes on/off daylight saving times. We don’t do daylights saving time here in Hawaii, so we’ll contact you two times each year and arrange a time to come by and change the batteries in your smoke detectors.

Take Your Trash Cans To The Curb-Someone form our team will come to your home weekly and take your trash cans to the curb. This service is a temporary service available to seniors while they are recovering from injury or are away from the home.

Fax/Email Service-do you need to fax or email a document but don’t have a fax machine or computer? We’ll come to your home, scan documents, and email or fax them to the person or fax number you provide.

Pick-up Prescriptions-we’ll pick-up your prescriptions at your local pharmacy, and deliver them to your door.

To register today for FREE senior service(s), please fill out the form below or call us at 808.294.1794.

1. Seniors must be the property owner and resident where the services are requested.
2. Restrictions may apply to all services offered, including pharmacy pickups where all orders must be paid for in advance.
3. One day noticed required on all service requests, however same day service may be available upon request.
4. Services may not be available in all areas on Oahu

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