John Stallings’ Electronic Business Card, check it out!

electronic business card

One of the core values of my company is “sustainability!!” My team does whatever we can in our business to support this core value. If fact, the lack of sustainability in the real estate industry has always been a pet peeve of mine. It’s crazy how much paper people use to use in our industry.  A few years ago, we stopped passing out paper/card stock flyers for our listings.   We opted, instead, to use an electronic sign-in process at our open houses.  As soon as you complete the registration process on the Ipad,  you receive an email that contains all the details of the property.  Aside from saving the trees, this process always us to more effectively follow-up with potential clients.

Another way we incorporated sustainability into our business was the development of my electronic business card. The card is saved on the home screen of your cell phone, and provides you with access to a variety of real estate tools!  Home searching, home valuations, contractor & vendor lists, and a whole lot more are just a few clicks away.  It’s not just an electronic business card, it’s a convenient portal to access my best tools and resources.  The video explains how to save the electronic business card link to your phone’s home screen, and how to use the various resources!  Download/Open John’s electronic business card

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