Kamehameha Schools Evict Monsanto from Hawaii

Rarely do we post about controversial topics, but when it comes to the raping and pillaging of Hawaiian lands, you need to be informed about what companies like Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow and other bio-tech companies are doing to our lands.  Hand in hand with the bio-tech companies, Kamehameha Schools is a co-conspirator in this shameful situation.  The Queen left the lands to be cared for by the Hawaiian people, and Kamehameha Schools is allowing the bombing of untested pesticides on our Aina.

If you truly care about preserving & restoring natural farmlands in Hawaii, we URGE you to watch this youtube video TODAY!

Time is of the essence, and your voice needs to be heard.  Contact your local officials & Kamehameha Schools and let them know we want them to EVICT MONSANTO!

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