Pedal Buy Property Tours

Pedal Buy Property Tours

Pedal Buy Property Tours

The John Stallings Team is taking the “green” approach to showing homes for sale in Kailua. We believe there is no better way to learn about and view a neighborhood than to ride a bike around with a neighborhood expert. Check out what others have to say about Pedal Buy Property Tours..

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From a “green perspective”, viewing real estate on bicycles reduces traffic, saves gasoline, reduces greenhouse emissions, and it’s also great for the cardiovascular system. These tours will consist of homes in mostly flat areas of Kailua, although some hillside homes may be shown.

No Bike, No Problem! Just let us know and we’ll provide one for you.

Must RSVP to: [email protected]

All Riders Must Sign Liability Release Form

Riders are encouraged to use safety gear and obey all traffic laws