You Don’t Use Google Earth’s Street View Option?

Googlel Earth Street View CarI thought everyone knew about Google Earth’s “Street view” option, but twice this week I spoke with fairly tech savvy home buyers who had never heard of Google Earth’s “street view.”  Both were under the impression Google Earth was just a mapping application.  Simply put, the “street view” option in Google Earth has revolutionized the way home buyers look for their next home.   When a new home comes on the market, the first thing a perspective home buyer does is to check out the photos and virtual tour.    Even if they already know the neighborhood, and don’t need a map, odds are they would like to know the condition of the homes surrounding the new listing.  This is where street view comes to the rescue; follow these simple steps, and give “street view” a try for yourself!

1.  Download Google Earth from the internet.  Yes, it’s FREE!
2.  After downloading, open program, and enter any address in the upper left had corner of the screen, press SEARCH.
3.  Google Earth will open a map and a red “pin” will appear on the map to designate the address you entered.
4.  In the upper right hand corner of the screen, several directional widgets will appear when the cursor moves over them.  Drag the peg man to the street where the red “pin’ is located, and you will be dropped right in front of the house.

You can rotate your view so that you can look at the other homes in the area by left clicking your mouse, and moving the cursor to the right/left.  Click on the solid yellow line in the street, and you’ll be taken a few houses down the street.

Google Earth is good for the environment because it allows you to view a neighborhood without leaving your home (no gas, no wear & tear on car & roads, no traffic, no stress!)  Sure you’ll have to personally visit the homes that truly interest you, but at least Google Earth’s “Street View” will alert you to any issues with properties surrounding the home your are interesting in purchasing.

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